About SGA

The Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) is an international scientific society that promotes the science of mineral deposits geology. Its worldwide membership of approximately 1,300 is composed of researchers, professionals and students from universities, industry and government agencies, who share an interest in economic geology, mineral resources, industrial minerals and environmental issues related to mineral deposits. Since the first edition in Nancy in 1991, the biennial SGA meetings have provided excellent opportunities to present and exchange knowledge within the field of mineral deposit research.

The 13th SGA meeting will be jointly organized by the French CNRS and a group of French, Belgian and German universities (Nancy, Liège, Aachen and Louvain). The theme for this 13th edition will be “Mineral Resources in a Sustainable World”. The SGA was founded in 1965 in Heidelberg and the 2015 SGA meeting will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Society! The meeting will take place at the new Nancy Centre Prouvé, in Nancy city-centre, from 24th to 27th of August 2015.

It is our pleasure to warmly invite you to Nancy for the 13th SGA Meeting!