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Nancy, city of art and culture

The capital city of the dukes of Lorraine, Nancy lays claim to a rich cultural heritage. Due to its fine eighteenth-century architecture, the heart of the town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, and, in the form of Place Stanislas, the city boasts one of the most beautiful town squares in the world. Nancy also played a seminal role in the Art Nouveau movement, and in the musée Ecole de Nancy, visitors can view outstanding works by Gallé, Daum, Majorelle, Prouvé and Vallin.Live entertainment, terraced bars, renowned and diverse restaurants – Nancy also offers all of the excitement you might associate with a thriving and energetic university town with more than 45,000 students!You will find several brochures online to help you plan your stay: http://en.nancy-tourisme.fr/practical-info/download-brochures/ 72dpi_Musée Lorrain - Porte de la Craffe-0410©Régine Datin

Porte de La Craffe

For the person companion, 3 visits are proposed in the registration :

  • Fine Arts Museum on Monday 24 August

Recommended tour time: 1hr 30mins to 2 hours.
Next to paintings signed by Tintoret, Caravage, Rubens, Delacroix, Monet, Modigliani, and Picasso, works by a number of artists from Lorraine are displayed: Claude le Lorrain, Émile Friant, Victor Prouvé, Étienne Cournault and Jules Bastien-Lepage.
The Daum collection of glasswork is exhibited there and allows the visitor to discover 100 years of production of the celebrated Nancy manufacturer. A permanent space is also dedicated to the work of Jean Prouvé.

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  • From Ducal Nancy to Royal Nancy on Tuesday 25 August

Recommended tour time: 1hr 30mins to 2 hours.
This tour notably includes Place Stanislas and Place de la Carrière and allows the visitor to examine the lasting impression the last Duke of Lorraine made on the city. The charm of the town – Old, Medieval and Renaissance – is revealed thanks not only to its architectural gems, but also to its great shops, pretty terraces and little cafés.
The Ducal Palace, the distinctive hotels, the Craffe Gate and the Saint Epvre church are some important monuments from Lorraine’s history.


  • École de Nancy Museum on Wednesday 26 August

Recommended tour time: 1hr 30mins.
Situated on the property of Eugène Corbin, patron of the École de Nancy, the museum and its gardens recreate the decorative and botanical styles of the era. The collections (unique pieces from Émile Gallé, Eugène Vallin and Louis Majorelle) are testament to the diversity of techniques (furniture, glass “objets d’art”, stained-glass, leather, ceramics, textiles…) developed by the artists of this movement.

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Felice Varini, Fine Arts Museum


Place Stanislas

Gruber, Vitrail de la Salle, MEN. Cliché Studi Image

Jacques Gruber, École de Nancy Museum